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My answer will not change

Looking for a way to take charge of your parenting decisions? We don’t always get it right but there is one simple phrase I share with you here that you can use to back yourself and show your child that sometimes the answer is “NO!”

Why is it when we say “NO” to our children, they insist on asking again anyway! Or pleading with you like you are going to change your mind? Why? Because you do! You always give in! They have got you covered. Kids are not silly. They know how to get what they want and they will not give up until you do!

As a parent we often question ourselves about whether we are too strict or too lenient. The thing is, we just need to believe in ourselves as we are the adults in the relationship.

Right now, your child needs you to step up and you need to trust yourself that when you say ‘No’ to them, you won’t cave in…. Read on to find out my simple phrase to help you back yourself and help your child accept your boundaries.

Sometimes you need to say ‘no’.

Kids ask us parents for things like; a lolly (and it’s 7am!), or to watch Netflix or go on the Nintendo, or go to the skatepark or the playground...This can go on all day! Now, as the adult in the relationship you can say no to any of these requests (or demands!) at anytime if you want to.

What? You ask…. Yes…..! You can say NO to your child!

You don’t need a reason although you probably have many good ones…. such as…Lollies are full of sugar and they have already had an ice-cream today. They watched TV this morning so don’t need to be sitting there again. We need to stay home while the baby has a nap. Sound like familiar scenarios…?

So, you make the decision in your head and you say “No, you can’t”.

But wait, they do not give up. They ask again. And they plead and they use that whiny voice!

But you can still keep saying “No” and then you can say, “Stop asking me, I have said no, and my answer will not change”.

I know this can be hard to battle with your child about this, but if you are consistent and stick with your answer they will realise your answer is final and (eventually) give up. They may not understand why and depending on their age or situation you may be able to explain it to them but at the very least they will know the drill that when you say ‘NO’ you mean it. They will actually whinge and beg less often.

Children learn from experiences so even at a young age they will learn that if their parent says no to something but when they ask a few more times, the parent gives in…. they will get what they want anyway! So, I ask you to consider this… Why bother saying no in the first place if you are just going to give in? Often the first answer that comes to mind is the right one, so trust your parental instincts and back yourself. You know when ‘No’ is the right (but tough) answer to give your child because YOU are the adult in this relationship!

Just remember to try this phrase, “My answer will not change.”



Hi! I’m Chalkie.

I want to empower you to feel confident as a parent and to help you gain clarity about your parenting role!

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