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Meet the face behind the posts

Hi! Welcome to my website, I’m Chalkie!


As you may guess from the nickname I am a school teacher. I have been teaching children and working in primary schools for over 15 years and it has taught me a LOT about children!


I’m also a mum. I have two boys who are clever, funny, wonderful and loving little humans! Being a mum has taught me a LOT about children!


So, while I love to teach children to read, to count and to be a good friend, I also have a passion for helping parents. I want to share with you some of the things that I have learnt over the years which will inspire and challenge you to be the best parent you can be and to do the best you can for your child/ren.


It is very common for us as parents to question ourselves and our parenting decisions (like everyday!) but if you are here at my site right now, you already ARE a good parent. The greatest gift we can give our children is our effort and our dedication to continue learning and trying!


So, if you are feeling unsure at times about what the ‘right’ things are to focus on as a parent, then connect with me, enjoy my blogs, they are designed to be short and easy to read (because aren’t we all time poor!) and pretty soon I will have you feeling confident and going about your day with clarity about your parenting!


Happy reading!


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Chalkie endeavours to empower you in your parenting role and provide you with important insights that will give you confidence and clarity so you can feel in charge of parenting!

What my readers are saying...

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"I absolutely love all of these blogs! I found them extremely informative and useful. I will be trying your tips on my boys!"


Mum of 2

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"Chalkie is a beautiful mum who is caring and compassionate with her own children. This coupled with her educational background and teaching experience puts her in such a great position to pass on advice as a mumma and educator. I love her concrete examples of parenting tips surrounded with love and compassion."


Mum of 2

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"I love these blogs!! It’s such helpful content and I really love Chalkie’s writing style, it’s enjoyable to read. I wish I had access to this information years ago! I am pumped to read more!"

Dad of 2

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"The name says it all – LoveChalkie – offering genuine advice and guidance on all things ‘little people’ in what can be a crazy confusing time of ‘over information’ in those early years of parenting. Prepared with love by an education professional and experienced Mumma! An easy read and in many cases that little bit of reassurance we all need."


Mum of 2

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