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Easy Bedtime Routine

Need a quick and easy bedtime routine that doesn’t drag on for an hour! One that will give you some adult time of your own? Are you falling asleep on your child’s bed before they do? In this blog I show you surefire ways to ensure bedtime is quick but full of love, to help your little one go to bed and stay in bed! Read more…

Bedtime in many households are stressful, busy and full of tension! Although we know that they should be calm, quiet and relaxing. When you try to get your little ones to bed, do they just resist in every way possible…?

My first point of advice, is that bedtime routines should be consistent for as many nights as you can then if you’re out a little late every now and then or you are out of routine for whatever reason, it’s not too big a deal and everyone can cope.

Follow these pointers below for an easy routine that is manageable! Please note that this is best followed from a very young age. Bedtime routines start when children are babies but you can fix a bedtime routine that is not working at any age…You just have to be prepared to put in the hard work and teach your child that this is the new routine if you feel the need to improve your current routine or don’t actually have one.

1. Prepare your child in advance so there is no last minute chores to do. Ensure they are; bathed and in pyjamas, toys are packed away, room is tidy, bed is made or neat enough to get straight in, homework is done (this should never be done just before bed), school items are unpacked from the day and/or ready for the next day.

2. Prepare them when bedtime is coming soon. Tell your child when there is 10 minutes until bedtime. This might be a good time to read a book together.

3. Reading at bedtime. Just wanted to talk about this for a minute… You know how important it is that we read with our children… but consider when a good time to read would be other than just at bedtime… If it is at all possible in your life, read with your child at other times in the day so that at night you are not feeling stuck trying to read for 20 minutes when your child should already be asleep…Try to keep this bedtime book to just ONE! Do not let your child get away with, “Please just one more….” Do not pander to their pleading. It is bedtime. Everyone (especially mummy and/or daddy…) is tired!

4. When you are sending them off to bed, be sure to tell them to brush teeth, have a drink of water and go to the toilet so that they do not need to get up and do any of those things once they are in bed. Remind them of this every night even if they know the drill.

5. Once they are in their room, ensure you have a lovely little routine each time you say goodnight. This is different for everyone but my suggestions are things like; you tuck them in and then sit and sing a nursery rhyme, or tell them something you love about them, or maybe a hug and kiss and say “I love you because…”.

6. If needed, this is a good time to remind them not to get up out of bed. Do not stay until they fall asleep, children should be able to soothe themselves to fall asleep on their own. You may like to have a nightlight nearby so it is not completely dark and leave their door open or slightly ajar.

7. This one is important if you have a child who doesn’t go to sleep straight away or likes to get up… Tell them you are going to check on them in a little while. It makes them feel more secure knowing you are watching over them. So after about 5-10 minutes, go and check on them, hopefully they are asleep but if not, just whisper and say “Goodnight” and then leave immediately. If needed, repeat this process of a quick check in for reassurance until they are asleep.

8. Try to avoid these things at or just before bedtime – treats, over stimulating play, telling scary stories, yelling, arguments and pandering to their neediness.

9. Try to ensure – routine, quick and manageable, quiet, love and connection.



Hi! I’m Chalkie.

I want to empower you to feel confident as a parent and to help you gain clarity about your parenting role!

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