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Back To School Tasks

Welcome! Today I am here to help you feel sorted when it comes to all the BACK TO SCHOOL tasks…

If you already have a child in primary school or are about to send your little one through those Big School gates for the first time, then I have all the things listed below that you might need to do to help them (and you) feel ready on their first day. I know you are a super busy parent but if you go through my handy list and just prepare one thing at a time, you will be feeling calm and confident by the time school starts knowing you have it all sorted.

Here's my handy list of things to consider;

1. School Supplies:

- Purchase school supplies based on the school's booklist.

- Label all the supplies with the child's name (sometimes in the earlier school years they share pencils etc. so check with the school/teacher if you don't want to waste your time naming every pencil)

2. Uniforms:

- Check what the uniform requirements are and check if last year's still fit 

- Purchase appropriate clothing for the school year including shoes, socks and underwear

3. Backpack:

- Buy a durable and comfortable backpack. 

- Ensure it's large enough to carry books, notebooks, and other essentials (some of the cute and popular bags out there are just not large enough for folders and lunchboxes and drink bottles and jumpers!)

4. School Fees and Paperwork:

- Pay any school fees that are required.

- Complete and submit any necessary paperwork.

5. Dental and Vision Check:

- Schedule a dental checkup and address any issues.

- Check the child's vision and get glasses if needed.

6. Organise Transportation:

- Plan the drop off and pick up routine and share or display this in the home for the family to see.

- If using school/public transport, know the schedule and pick-up/drop-off points.

7. Lunch Planning:

- Decide on whether your child will take lunch or purchase it at school.

 - Plan and prepare nutritious lunches with an appropriate lunchbox (consider adding ice bricks or a cooler bag in there)

8. Establish a Routine:

- Start adjusting your child's sleep schedule from holiday mode to prepare for your family's morning routine.

- Establish a morning routine to ensure a stress-free start to the day.

9. Technology and Supplies:

- Purchase and prepare any electronic devices required for schoolwork.

- Ensure your child has the apps, headphones, chargers, and other necessary accessories required by the school.

10. Mental Health Support:

- Discuss any anxieties or concerns your child may have.

- Be available for emotional support during the transition.

11. Celebrate the Start of School:

- Create a positive and exciting atmosphere about the new school year (be careful though not to make it out to be too amazing as the first few days are exhausting for them)

- Consider a special breakfast or after-school treat on the first day.

Remember, every child is unique, so adapt these tasks based on your child's individual needs and the requirements of the school.



Hi! I’m Chalkie.

I want to empower you to feel confident as a parent and to help you gain clarity about your parenting role!

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